Company History (Fiducia Staff)

We are a financial education and planning company focusing on teaching millions of people the basic principles of dealing with money that will not only save them from the rigor of poverty and financial stress but will also enable them to reach their highest potential with what they have been blessed with.

Our company was created by Founder loojimps Marcius and Co-founder Lana M. Joseph in July 2004. The two siblings were frustrated with their Dad’s retirement account value after 30 years of hard work. They were disenchanted by the abuse, their Dad’s lack of understanding of his work 401k Options, the mismanagement of his benefits, and the time and money wasted. Motivated and armed with sound financial knowledge, they launched Fiducia Financial Group to ensure that no one they come in contact with goes through the same ordeal as their father.

We travel around the country making a difference in religious and secular organizations members alike. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them transform their dreams into reality, their passions into profitable endeavor. We not only tell what is possible, we make it happen with you. We inspire, we motivate, we teach and we make it happen.

We would be delighted to be part of your family, your organization, or your business venture. We cater to your own needs or any subjects that you might have an interest in.